Monday, November 24, 2008

messing with the PA system

Liz, Trish and I were just messing with the PA system.

We would page...
"please repeat last page" even if nobody paged.

We were just rollin'.

Ang bababaw ng kaligayahan namin.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

party at my house

party at my house!
ate marina, kuya santi, carla came
ate mai, kuya lem, diego and maica came, too

kuya lem finished my garage door. thanks a lot! yey!

pizza--- papa johns. yum yum.
drawings, coloring, letters - with maica.
arroz caldo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

things i learned from uncle pete and auntie con

i want to be with someone who will open my bottle of water when i got arthritic hands
i want to do a duet of the songs that we grew up with, even when we are old
i want a patient man who don't mind repeating things twice, thrice or more when i can't hear well
i want someone to argue with even on small things, but will make up in a few minutes anyway
i want to be with someone whom i can wake up and count on if i don't feel well
i want to laugh with someone who laughs at the same jokes as i do
i want to be reconfirmed that i am more beautiful than anybody else even if i think i am not
i want someone who will drive for me when i'm unable to
i want to go to church with him sunday after sunday after sunday
i want a husband after God's own heart

in return,
i will say to him... stop eating too much, watch out for your cholesterol
i will remind him to watch his speed when he's driving
i will say he is wrong if he is, but in a way that will not snatch his ego
i will understand his sensitivity, and will learn how to deal with it
i will stay and sleep beside him even if he snores loudly
i will bear and raise his child whom he can be proud of
i will love his family even if sometimes they are being unreasonable
i will listen even to his silliest and corniest stories
i will let him do something even if i know i can do it better
i will pray with him all the days of my life
i will be a wife after God's own heart


sorry again to say this, hindi sa kinakampihan ko siya or anybody but somehow, nag-iiba din kasi ang tingin ng tao if you achieve something. he is a doctor, yes, and he has to act like one. the way he talks and thinks definitely would change because of his exposure. i see that he is more assertive now and probably we just misinterpret it as being boastful, but in fact he is just saying what he thinks. i know that kasi ganyan din ako minsan... even if you try to put yourself on the ground, adda nga adda ti mangibaga keniam nga ... 'uy naglastogen ta kastoy, kastoy'... but anyway, i don't really know how it is now, that's just my 2 cents worth... as i've said, 2 sides of the coin

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

haaayyyy life. that's all i can say for now.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

manong danny's visit

picked up manong danny at tumwater last friday, 10/31. met up with pastor bill and sue knepper. lunch at falls terrace, it was a nice place overlooking the falls.

drove around tacoma in the afternoon. james did the driving for us.

then had dinner at pastor's. kfc. small world.

went to church in the morning, they were cleaning up.

jansen drove us to seattle. napilit ko.
space needle, pike place.
interrogation. can't help but just laugh.

tori came. taught me 'huwag na lang kaya'.

argued with the boss

argued with the boss on thursday.
he got offended when i blurted that ... it was so retarded!
my bad... but please do your job right! it is frustrating!!!