Thursday, August 28, 2008

if you were here

dad, if you were here
...would you hum me a tune right now?
...would you buy me ice cream on a hot, sunny day?
...would you wrap me with your arms in the winter?
...would you dance with me at the plaza?
...would you read me a story when i can't sleep?
...would you pray with me when i'm scared?
...would you listen to my heartaches?
...would you knock out boys when they try to get near me?
...would you draw my dreams and fantasies?

dad i always think of what ifs but i just want to thank you for bringing us into this world. twas short a time spent with you but i will always cherish those moments with you.

i'll see you in heaven.

Jimboie, Tj, Jeanelle

wish you were here. i miss you.


when i learned that Julie (my RXM) is going to leave, i suddenly felt what you call separation anxiety. who's my next boss? what's gonna happen?

though we are buddy-buddies, i do respect her a lot. she may be younger than me but dude, she's 'nerdier' than me (if there's such a term). we had so much fun in the pharmacy. a regular workday is one that you wouldn't really think of as a dreaded day.

we got good careers ahead with walgreens but when opportunities come along, we just have to go thru this crossroad and decide which road to take. and she chose to move. it's a good move.

i admire her work ethics. i admire her brains. i admire how she handles things. i guess she became tougher in time.

Julie, it's been a pleasure working with you.


day 1 - the red carpet arrival

@ the airport - with mg twinkle, scott taking the shot

day 2 - extra challenge at the canada olympic park


by the torch... sorry there's no philippine flag coz we don't have winter ei...

day 3 - majestic canadian rockies (BANFF)

day 4 - calgary city roamin'

calgary tower

fort calgary
can't you see??? --- XS PLEASE!!!!!
ang ganda naman ...

special thanks to my sponsors - scott and insan twinkle. had a blast, 'twas a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

mahirap talagang magmahal ng naging syota ng iba

mahirap talagang magmahal ng naging syota ng iba
di mo mahagilap, nakabuntot pa rin sa kanya
mahirap, o mahirap talaga
maghanap na lang kaya ng iba

ngunit kapag aking makita ang kanyang mga mata
nawawala ang aking pagka-dismaya
sige lang, sugod lang, o bahala na
bahala na kung magkabistuhan pa

i-dial mo ang number sa telepono
huwag mong sabihin ang tunay na pakay mo
pag nakausap mo sya, sasabihin sa yo
bukas na lang uli inaantok na ko

mahirap talagang magmahal ng naging syota ng iba
o sakit ng ulo maniwala ka
ngunit kahit ano pa ang sabihin nila
iwasan siya'y di ko magagawa

(halaw sa kanta ng Apo... mahirap magmahal ng syota ng iba)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Psalm 139

O Lord you have searched me
O Lord you have known me
When I sit, when I rise
You know my thoughts

Not a word from my tongue
Is withheld from Your knowledge
Hem me in, now and then
Laid Your hand on me

Such knowledge too wonderful
Such knowledge too lofty
For me to attain

Where can I go from Your Spirit
Where can I flee from Your presence
If I rise up to the heavens
If I go down to the depths you are there

You are there

Sunday, August 24, 2008

why are you pressuring me for your pills?!

dude, c'mon. why are you putting pressure on me to give you loaners for your meds? why don't you call the doctor himself? A**HOL*!

naman naman

kayo na naman ba?
nakakainis naman
bakit ba naman ganyan
ano ba naman yan

Thursday, August 14, 2008

@ the pharmacy...

phone rings....

jazel: thank you for calling ****pharmacy, how may i help you?
customer: are you the pharmacist?
jazel: yes sir i am
customer: i spilled my pills on my bathroom floor, i'm wondering if i can sanitize these by microwaving for maybe 20 seconds?
jazel: ahhhh... (i had to stop and think for a good answer and not offend him).
sir you can't do that. i cannot guarantee the stability of your medication if microwaved, so i actually do not recommend you doing it.

customer: uh, ok then, thanks.


jazel: thank you for calling ****pharmacy, how may i help you?
customer: are you the pharmacist whom i spoke with a while ago?
jazel: yes sir i am
customer: uh, i'm wondering if i could freeze my pills instead?
jazel: (i wanted to laugh but i had to control it). sir, no you can't. your medication is supposed to be stored at room temperature so any extreme temperature may just cause damage to your pills. if your pills are not wet or broken, just wipe them off and pop 'em...
customer: uh, ok then, sounds good to me.


sabi nila di na uso ang torpeng babae
bakit sa kabila nito'y
nahihirapan akong umamin
na ako'y nahuhulog na
may konti nang pagtingin

wari'y mali, sabihin bulong ng damdamin
minsan hiling ko tuloy
matuklasan mo na
nang di na dalhin ang saloobin
anupaman ang sabihin

akala ko'y kaya kong dalhin ang biro
ngunit tinamaan na ata ako

pusong batong tinunaw mo
at heto na nga, hinahanap hanap ka

mali ata ito

(kelangan ko pang lapatan 'to ng himig. til next blog...)

a composition for my Creator

my Creator

i've travelled far and wide
and in all these i've seen
the wonders of Your hand, Thy mighty hand
not a doubt all these are Yours

i've tasted Your goodness
and just can't get enough of it
it's too much to fathom, too much to contain
no other way but to let it show

how i long to be with my Creator
who asked the river to divide mountains
who commands the sea to rage or to calm down
paints the sky with hues of gray or blue
it is so amazing how perfect the earth is
how much more the heavens that He's prepared for me