Friday, March 26, 2010

you said no

congratulations, did you realize you actually said no to me?
very gud. improving. i like!

palawan mission trip

mar 3-9

i got the chance to go to Palawan.

day 1 (wed)- airport with love and jeanelle. flight delayed for 1 hour. ptr dave, sis rachel and ate nitz picked us up at the airport.
bought meds for the med mission. made chicka with the pharmacist.
then we arrived with the fellowship night starting.
who am i hand mime was really good.
ptr ongcal --- good singer. sang sa langit walang something. i dunno the lyrics. but it sounded like in heaven there is no beer.
one way. his name is one way.

day 2 (thur) - medical mission. registration, counselling, nurse's station, MD, pharmacy. good traffic flow. ton ton. got to clean wounds of the kids. i remembered how my legs were. antibiotics (amoxicillin), sige, just add water and shake it!

feeding program. the kid got bored with glenn so she is asleep. played bring me. paul and jeanelle led. the boat is sinking. spaghetti and sopas.

prayer walk. we got to see the area.

day 3 (fri). 4:30 am dawn watch. i just had to cry the whole time. i was so touched and moved to see the people praying that early!!! that's real power.

campus ministry. first year students. fred shared the gospel. 100 pesos, i urged my seatmate to go get it. =) they played pinoy henyo.

pearls. pearls. and more pearls.
5 pesos each.

day 4 (sat) - baptism at tacduan beach. 23 people. fred did the baptism.

day 5 (sun) - worship service. played with the worship band. brown out.
pm service at fleuris hotel. special number.
pmpm service at new bungcag church. rumaragasang pagpapala. very good worship band.

day 6 (mon) - underground river tour. awesome. God's creation is just marvelous!

day 7 (tue) - uwian na.

the rock and worship roadshow

got to poke david crowder's beard. yeah.
with marvin, torise and soopana.
bought the dcb church music CD.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

ask and you shall receive

ask and you shall receive

ask a question and you shall receive an answer.
that was what i learned yesterday.

thank God my doubts were cleared.

once and for all.

time to move on.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


this has been a busy summer.
i don't know why i met you, again.
good timing.
we are getting closer.
seem to like you.
thanks for the surprise.
the Lord is good.
i think he gives me options.
He is reminding me that there's more out there.
Better than the one that I think is best for me.

Always, my Father knows best.

only by angelica

... it's amber time. that's 11:00pm
... i was not interested in playing the piano, i was forced
... is that your crush auntie?
... yeah, i got the last 2 slices of baked mac!
... bye. my auntie loves you
... i asked--- oregon or leavenworth? she chose oregon. we ended up going to leavenworth
... do i really have to play on sunday auntie?
... we were jamming and she does not know the song. she just said... "diak ammon." (wow, that was hard-core ilokano!)
... talaga?
... it's ok auntie. (but i have to ask if it's ok yes, or it's ok no)
... the moves auntie, the moves... ahh, my auntie s***s
... you have to be assertive auntie
... this blankie is so comfy
... talking to ate sheila's kids --- it's ok that you sleep over as long as i sleep on my bed (referring to my aerobed)
... 5 feet, 2 feet, 10 feet. and giggles
... her firsts- tennis, pool, ukelele (jelka, did i miss anything?)
... wow, we were out of the house for >15 hours! i have not been out of the house that long.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ano ba talaga kayo?

circle ba kayo? ... di na matapos-tapos
abstract ba kayo? ... ang labo, ang labo
switch ba kayo? ... on, off, on, off, on, off
marathon ba kayo? ... asan ang finish line?
alkohol ba kayo? ... mahapdi
kalamansi ba kayo? ... may toyo na ata ako

Monday, June 08, 2009

i still believe in love

It comes to an empty, You know when to fill me
Been thru heartaches here and now
You are there and You will be
You are the reason I still believe in love

Fancy things surround me, friends have come and gone
But there's always something missing
If I don't have You near, I long for You
You are the reason I still believe in love

You are the reason I still believe in love
You laid Your life for me
Though unworthy of it all
The cross, the pain, the blood
Left the throne above
What more can be greater than Your love

Saturday, May 23, 2009


TUKMOL ---- a filipino word for stupid or dumb as*

i am working on a pill.

indication: tukmolism, clue-for-the-clueless syndrome

mode of action: mainly affects central nervous system to realize what one is missing. secondary action, triggers neurons to make sure that the tail is cut off before making any move. other action, stimulates perception and makes one say duh-howcome-i-was-such-an-idiot-all-these-time

pharmacokinetics: oral--- reaches peak concentration on sundays. half-life, 7 days

dosing: 0.25mg po q w (1 tablet once a week). dosage form: tablet

adverse effects: wakefulness, euphoria, may cause palpitations and increased heart rate

animal studies: 81.76486% of the rats showed they can do better without their tails especially when the cats are around.

it is still an investigational drug. i don't have a name for the drug yet. any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it is happening again

i come to a cycle when i feel so unnoticed, unimportant. but somehow, the Lord always reminds me that i am.

so tough guy asked me a question. flattering. but i said no. i don't wanna cause further damage.

God, you have reminded me once more that I am still noticed.

Ps 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Monday, May 04, 2009

hosted pacman fight

hosted pacquiao-hatton fight on 5/2.
went to have some oysters earlier in the afternoon.
went to help clean the church earlier than that.

food. food and more food.

2 rounds, tulog!
grabe hiyawan.
napa-ihi si eva sa sigaw.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ano ka ba?

pulis ka ba?
... nadakip mo ang puso ko
bangin ka ba?
... nahulog na ako sa yo
apoy ka ba?
... you're hot!

sabi ni jenel

sabi ni jenel puro daw ikaw ang laman ng blog ko.
siguro nga.

everything reminds me of you

i had a customer --- last name, your name alike
i reviewed a prescription today, doctor's last name sounded like your name
i verified this drug and the markings on the drug had the pharma company's name similar to yours embedded on it

how can i get rid of you?!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Manang biday ilukat mo man
Ta email mo ag-download ka man
Nakalista ti kastoy kasjay
Ay matayakon nu di nak kasyan

Maykan ading ta bilinen ka
Ta inkanto sajay Caba
Gumatangkan to adu a mangga
Buyos, puto, naduma-duma

(ilokano Folk song, distorted version)