Monday, December 08, 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kids Sunday - 30 Nov 08.
I was so blessed to work with these kids.
It's really good to start them young. Expose them that they can do more with God by them.
Teach them the way they should go.

Lord, I want to have my own, too.
TJ came, was a good visit.
Joanne also came... good one.
Hanged out most of the time with the youth group.

Monday, November 24, 2008

messing with the PA system

Liz, Trish and I were just messing with the PA system.

We would page...
"please repeat last page" even if nobody paged.

We were just rollin'.

Ang bababaw ng kaligayahan namin.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

party at my house

party at my house!
ate marina, kuya santi, carla came
ate mai, kuya lem, diego and maica came, too

kuya lem finished my garage door. thanks a lot! yey!

pizza--- papa johns. yum yum.
drawings, coloring, letters - with maica.
arroz caldo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

things i learned from uncle pete and auntie con

i want to be with someone who will open my bottle of water when i got arthritic hands
i want to do a duet of the songs that we grew up with, even when we are old
i want a patient man who don't mind repeating things twice, thrice or more when i can't hear well
i want someone to argue with even on small things, but will make up in a few minutes anyway
i want to be with someone whom i can wake up and count on if i don't feel well
i want to laugh with someone who laughs at the same jokes as i do
i want to be reconfirmed that i am more beautiful than anybody else even if i think i am not
i want someone who will drive for me when i'm unable to
i want to go to church with him sunday after sunday after sunday
i want a husband after God's own heart

in return,
i will say to him... stop eating too much, watch out for your cholesterol
i will remind him to watch his speed when he's driving
i will say he is wrong if he is, but in a way that will not snatch his ego
i will understand his sensitivity, and will learn how to deal with it
i will stay and sleep beside him even if he snores loudly
i will bear and raise his child whom he can be proud of
i will love his family even if sometimes they are being unreasonable
i will listen even to his silliest and corniest stories
i will let him do something even if i know i can do it better
i will pray with him all the days of my life
i will be a wife after God's own heart


sorry again to say this, hindi sa kinakampihan ko siya or anybody but somehow, nag-iiba din kasi ang tingin ng tao if you achieve something. he is a doctor, yes, and he has to act like one. the way he talks and thinks definitely would change because of his exposure. i see that he is more assertive now and probably we just misinterpret it as being boastful, but in fact he is just saying what he thinks. i know that kasi ganyan din ako minsan... even if you try to put yourself on the ground, adda nga adda ti mangibaga keniam nga ... 'uy naglastogen ta kastoy, kastoy'... but anyway, i don't really know how it is now, that's just my 2 cents worth... as i've said, 2 sides of the coin

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

haaayyyy life. that's all i can say for now.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

manong danny's visit

picked up manong danny at tumwater last friday, 10/31. met up with pastor bill and sue knepper. lunch at falls terrace, it was a nice place overlooking the falls.

drove around tacoma in the afternoon. james did the driving for us.

then had dinner at pastor's. kfc. small world.

went to church in the morning, they were cleaning up.

jansen drove us to seattle. napilit ko.
space needle, pike place.
interrogation. can't help but just laugh.

tori came. taught me 'huwag na lang kaya'.

argued with the boss

argued with the boss on thursday.
he got offended when i blurted that ... it was so retarded!
my bad... but please do your job right! it is frustrating!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

sana ngayong pasko

pasko na naman
ngunit wala ka pa
hanggang kailan kaya
ako maghihintay sa yo

bakit ba naman
kailangang lumisan pa
ang tanging hangad ko lang
ay makapiling ka

sana ngayong pasko
ay maalala mo pa rin ako
hinahanap hanap pag-ibig mo
at kahit wala ka na
nangangarap at umaasa pa rin ako
muling makita ka
at makasama ka
sa araw ng pasko

Sunday, October 19, 2008

punuin natin

pupunuin natin ang tahanang ito ng pagmamahal
kukulayan natin ang mundo nang matingkad
tatawa tayo hangga't tayo'y gumulong
sabay tayong mangangarap sa ilalim ng mga bituin
hahagkan kita nang mahigpit
maghahawak kamay tayo habang naglalakad
mahuhumaling ako sa samyo mo

Lord, please fill me in my times of loneliness.


final move to my house today. 10/18/08.
tiring but fun.

kuya lem, nate, jansen, ianne came to help me out.

andy also helped to figure out my heater.

and then the washer-drier from matt, julie's bro.

and i found my mailbox. thanks to the mailman!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

mukhang ampalaya

mukhang ampalaya: adj. meaning di mo alam kung naka-ngiti o naka-simangot

ate pat's dictionary 10/8/08




Tuesday, October 07, 2008


another true story in the pharmacy:

phone rings....

Jazel: Thank you for calling *** pharmacy, how may I help you?
Customer: Do you have cream?
Jazel: Uhhh, what cream are you looking for?
Customer: Cream... like cream located near the milk
Jazel: Oh, I thought you were looking for a specific cream- like cream near the ointment. Let me transfer you to the store's customer service.
tatawa tawa ka dyan. payong kapatid lang sa Panginoon, huwag mo nang hintaying malagay ka uli sa peligro bago ka tumigil. seriously, minsan tuloy naisip ko kung nirerespeto mo pa kaya ang mga babae? sori, di ko masabi ng harapan to sa yo pero ganun na minsan ang interpretation ko. nakakadegrade bilang babae lalo pa alam naming di ka naman seryoso. btw, nire-rebuke lang kita. sori, kelangan kasi may magsabi sa yo e and God has placed some of the burden on me. huwag ka magalit ok? i know we are all a work in progress. 10/4/08

Saturday, September 27, 2008


nasaan ka na?
paramdam ka naman...

Friday, September 19, 2008

without Julie

this morning, it felt so weird walking into the pharmacy knowing that Julie will not be back.
i don't know, i think i'm really sentimental when it comes to people leaving, especially when they become close to me. her last day reminded me of my last days at BMS.

it was a gloomy day. yucky outside, i don't even want to look out to the drive-thru window.
i'm so tired from working the pm shift.
and now, i'm going to work 2 straight weekends.
sucks but it will ok when the holidays come. i hope.

and i'm scared from the incident @6814. no further comments on this.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ang problema naman kasi
lagi kang umiiwas
di mo hinaharap ang problema

o kaya puro ka simula
di naman mapanindigan ang sinasabi

walang tibay na maaasahan
walang malinaw na hinaharap
walang kahit na konting balangkas

ayaw ko na
will you let him go?
that he may know what he really feels
and discover worlds other than yours

Sunday, September 07, 2008

isa pala akong rose huh?!

ah ok, isa pala akong rose... na may thorns. fine.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


lumapit ka na naman sa akin
sa kawalan, bigla ka lang dumikit
dinampi ang pisngi mo sa akin
di ka na naman ba nakapag-pigil?
ano ba talaga ang score?
malapit na talaga kitang tanungin, konti na lang

ito ay isang istoryang aabangan ko ang wakas

ang problema kasi
di ka pa rin nya napapakawalan e

ano ba ang nasa isip mo?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

if you were here

dad, if you were here
...would you hum me a tune right now?
...would you buy me ice cream on a hot, sunny day?
...would you wrap me with your arms in the winter?
...would you dance with me at the plaza?
...would you read me a story when i can't sleep?
...would you pray with me when i'm scared?
...would you listen to my heartaches?
...would you knock out boys when they try to get near me?
...would you draw my dreams and fantasies?

dad i always think of what ifs but i just want to thank you for bringing us into this world. twas short a time spent with you but i will always cherish those moments with you.

i'll see you in heaven.

Jimboie, Tj, Jeanelle

wish you were here. i miss you.


when i learned that Julie (my RXM) is going to leave, i suddenly felt what you call separation anxiety. who's my next boss? what's gonna happen?

though we are buddy-buddies, i do respect her a lot. she may be younger than me but dude, she's 'nerdier' than me (if there's such a term). we had so much fun in the pharmacy. a regular workday is one that you wouldn't really think of as a dreaded day.

we got good careers ahead with walgreens but when opportunities come along, we just have to go thru this crossroad and decide which road to take. and she chose to move. it's a good move.

i admire her work ethics. i admire her brains. i admire how she handles things. i guess she became tougher in time.

Julie, it's been a pleasure working with you.


day 1 - the red carpet arrival

@ the airport - with mg twinkle, scott taking the shot

day 2 - extra challenge at the canada olympic park


by the torch... sorry there's no philippine flag coz we don't have winter ei...

day 3 - majestic canadian rockies (BANFF)

day 4 - calgary city roamin'

calgary tower

fort calgary
can't you see??? --- XS PLEASE!!!!!
ang ganda naman ...

special thanks to my sponsors - scott and insan twinkle. had a blast, 'twas a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

mahirap talagang magmahal ng naging syota ng iba

mahirap talagang magmahal ng naging syota ng iba
di mo mahagilap, nakabuntot pa rin sa kanya
mahirap, o mahirap talaga
maghanap na lang kaya ng iba

ngunit kapag aking makita ang kanyang mga mata
nawawala ang aking pagka-dismaya
sige lang, sugod lang, o bahala na
bahala na kung magkabistuhan pa

i-dial mo ang number sa telepono
huwag mong sabihin ang tunay na pakay mo
pag nakausap mo sya, sasabihin sa yo
bukas na lang uli inaantok na ko

mahirap talagang magmahal ng naging syota ng iba
o sakit ng ulo maniwala ka
ngunit kahit ano pa ang sabihin nila
iwasan siya'y di ko magagawa

(halaw sa kanta ng Apo... mahirap magmahal ng syota ng iba)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Psalm 139

O Lord you have searched me
O Lord you have known me
When I sit, when I rise
You know my thoughts

Not a word from my tongue
Is withheld from Your knowledge
Hem me in, now and then
Laid Your hand on me

Such knowledge too wonderful
Such knowledge too lofty
For me to attain

Where can I go from Your Spirit
Where can I flee from Your presence
If I rise up to the heavens
If I go down to the depths you are there

You are there

Sunday, August 24, 2008

why are you pressuring me for your pills?!

dude, c'mon. why are you putting pressure on me to give you loaners for your meds? why don't you call the doctor himself? A**HOL*!

naman naman

kayo na naman ba?
nakakainis naman
bakit ba naman ganyan
ano ba naman yan

Thursday, August 14, 2008

@ the pharmacy...

phone rings....

jazel: thank you for calling ****pharmacy, how may i help you?
customer: are you the pharmacist?
jazel: yes sir i am
customer: i spilled my pills on my bathroom floor, i'm wondering if i can sanitize these by microwaving for maybe 20 seconds?
jazel: ahhhh... (i had to stop and think for a good answer and not offend him).
sir you can't do that. i cannot guarantee the stability of your medication if microwaved, so i actually do not recommend you doing it.

customer: uh, ok then, thanks.


jazel: thank you for calling ****pharmacy, how may i help you?
customer: are you the pharmacist whom i spoke with a while ago?
jazel: yes sir i am
customer: uh, i'm wondering if i could freeze my pills instead?
jazel: (i wanted to laugh but i had to control it). sir, no you can't. your medication is supposed to be stored at room temperature so any extreme temperature may just cause damage to your pills. if your pills are not wet or broken, just wipe them off and pop 'em...
customer: uh, ok then, sounds good to me.


sabi nila di na uso ang torpeng babae
bakit sa kabila nito'y
nahihirapan akong umamin
na ako'y nahuhulog na
may konti nang pagtingin

wari'y mali, sabihin bulong ng damdamin
minsan hiling ko tuloy
matuklasan mo na
nang di na dalhin ang saloobin
anupaman ang sabihin

akala ko'y kaya kong dalhin ang biro
ngunit tinamaan na ata ako

pusong batong tinunaw mo
at heto na nga, hinahanap hanap ka

mali ata ito

(kelangan ko pang lapatan 'to ng himig. til next blog...)

a composition for my Creator

my Creator

i've travelled far and wide
and in all these i've seen
the wonders of Your hand, Thy mighty hand
not a doubt all these are Yours

i've tasted Your goodness
and just can't get enough of it
it's too much to fathom, too much to contain
no other way but to let it show

how i long to be with my Creator
who asked the river to divide mountains
who commands the sea to rage or to calm down
paints the sky with hues of gray or blue
it is so amazing how perfect the earth is
how much more the heavens that He's prepared for me

Sunday, March 23, 2008

i want to praise You Lord
much more than i do
i want to praise You Lord
much more than i do
learn to seek Your face
and the knowledge of Your grace
i want to praise You

birds in the sky
sing their songs to You
trees in the fields
lift their arms to You
i want to sing
i want to lift my arms to You

... it's a song i grew up with and would never grow tired of singing

Sunday, February 24, 2008

naiinip na po ako

naiinip na ako Panginoon
hanggang kailan ako maghihintay
namamanhid na ata ako
nasasanay nang mag-isa
nagsasawa nang magpatugtog ng pare-parehong tunog
gayunpaman, ako'y patuloy na umaasa
na Ika'y may plano
isang napakagandang plano

pero sana lang bigyan Nyo naman ako ng clue, please....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

puro tayo biro. kelan tayo tatanda?

naiinis ako sa yo. di kita maintindihan. ano ba talaga, ha?
di ko alam kung nagbibiro ka, o may pagtingin ka ba, o talagang sadya kang mapaglaro.

di ko alam kung apektado ako... siguro nga dahil pusong mamon rin ako, at di rin naman din ako tanga na papatol sa wala.

alam kong hindi ka handa. malamang nga e di ka magiging handa. ramdam ko yun. pero naman, please, huwag mo naman akong paglaruan.

o akala mo rin siguro nagbibiro ako, ano? ewan ko, pero sa tingin ko, walang mangyayari kung ganito lang tayo palagi. wala talaga.

naka-rami na rin tayo di ba? pero hanggang pagkakaibigan na lang talaga yata ito. hayaan na lang natin siguron gano'n muna, basta masaya lahat. tuloy ang ligaya. walang sabit, walang nagagalit.

hay, puro tayo biro. kelan tayo tatanda?

bahala na si Lord. ayaw ko itong i-asa kay batman.

did You just talk to me thru my dream?

Lord, I just had a dream... I know You talked to Your people in the OT thru their dreams. Does my dream mean anything? Lord let me know, please.

It was a good dream but am a little lost how it would work. But thanks for the vision anyway. Am looking forward to it being fulfilled. I will hold on to it.

I call it - the prophecy.

been a while

been a while since i made an entry here.
so, what's new with me?

well, not much. still waiting, i guess. still me, same ol' me.
the dreams are still there as well.

but i think my utmost gauge to where i am is - have i praised my Lord enough?