Thursday, October 29, 2009

ask and you shall receive

ask and you shall receive

ask a question and you shall receive an answer.
that was what i learned yesterday.

thank God my doubts were cleared.

once and for all.

time to move on.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


this has been a busy summer.
i don't know why i met you, again.
good timing.
we are getting closer.
seem to like you.
thanks for the surprise.
the Lord is good.
i think he gives me options.
He is reminding me that there's more out there.
Better than the one that I think is best for me.

Always, my Father knows best.

only by angelica

... it's amber time. that's 11:00pm
... i was not interested in playing the piano, i was forced
... is that your crush auntie?
... yeah, i got the last 2 slices of baked mac!
... bye. my auntie loves you
... i asked--- oregon or leavenworth? she chose oregon. we ended up going to leavenworth
... do i really have to play on sunday auntie?
... we were jamming and she does not know the song. she just said... "diak ammon." (wow, that was hard-core ilokano!)
... talaga?
... it's ok auntie. (but i have to ask if it's ok yes, or it's ok no)
... the moves auntie, the moves... ahh, my auntie s***s
... you have to be assertive auntie
... this blankie is so comfy
... talking to ate sheila's kids --- it's ok that you sleep over as long as i sleep on my bed (referring to my aerobed)
... 5 feet, 2 feet, 10 feet. and giggles
... her firsts- tennis, pool, ukelele (jelka, did i miss anything?)
... wow, we were out of the house for >15 hours! i have not been out of the house that long.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ano ba talaga kayo?

circle ba kayo? ... di na matapos-tapos
abstract ba kayo? ... ang labo, ang labo
switch ba kayo? ... on, off, on, off, on, off
marathon ba kayo? ... asan ang finish line?
alkohol ba kayo? ... mahapdi
kalamansi ba kayo? ... may toyo na ata ako

Monday, June 08, 2009

i still believe in love

It comes to an empty, You know when to fill me
Been thru heartaches here and now
You are there and You will be
You are the reason I still believe in love

Fancy things surround me, friends have come and gone
But there's always something missing
If I don't have You near, I long for You
You are the reason I still believe in love

You are the reason I still believe in love
You laid Your life for me
Though unworthy of it all
The cross, the pain, the blood
Left the throne above
What more can be greater than Your love

Saturday, May 23, 2009


TUKMOL ---- a filipino word for stupid or dumb as*

i am working on a pill.

indication: tukmolism, clue-for-the-clueless syndrome

mode of action: mainly affects central nervous system to realize what one is missing. secondary action, triggers neurons to make sure that the tail is cut off before making any move. other action, stimulates perception and makes one say duh-howcome-i-was-such-an-idiot-all-these-time

pharmacokinetics: oral--- reaches peak concentration on sundays. half-life, 7 days

dosing: 0.25mg po q w (1 tablet once a week). dosage form: tablet

adverse effects: wakefulness, euphoria, may cause palpitations and increased heart rate

animal studies: 81.76486% of the rats showed they can do better without their tails especially when the cats are around.

it is still an investigational drug. i don't have a name for the drug yet. any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it is happening again

i come to a cycle when i feel so unnoticed, unimportant. but somehow, the Lord always reminds me that i am.

so tough guy asked me a question. flattering. but i said no. i don't wanna cause further damage.

God, you have reminded me once more that I am still noticed.

Ps 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Monday, May 04, 2009

hosted pacman fight

hosted pacquiao-hatton fight on 5/2.
went to have some oysters earlier in the afternoon.
went to help clean the church earlier than that.

food. food and more food.

2 rounds, tulog!
grabe hiyawan.
napa-ihi si eva sa sigaw.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ano ka ba?

pulis ka ba?
... nadakip mo ang puso ko
bangin ka ba?
... nahulog na ako sa yo
apoy ka ba?
... you're hot!

sabi ni jenel

sabi ni jenel puro daw ikaw ang laman ng blog ko.
siguro nga.

everything reminds me of you

i had a customer --- last name, your name alike
i reviewed a prescription today, doctor's last name sounded like your name
i verified this drug and the markings on the drug had the pharma company's name similar to yours embedded on it

how can i get rid of you?!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Manang biday ilukat mo man
Ta email mo ag-download ka man
Nakalista ti kastoy kasjay
Ay matayakon nu di nak kasyan

Maykan ading ta bilinen ka
Ta inkanto sajay Caba
Gumatangkan to adu a mangga
Buyos, puto, naduma-duma

(ilokano Folk song, distorted version)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


tenacious /pangngalan/... da shoes dat you wear wen u play tennis.

Played tennis today with Torise and Marvs. Nice day.
John and Jeane were also there.
Wendy's. Limit: 5USD each.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

dey op ni manang
wala na namang nigawa kundi ang humilik
tanghali na nang bumangon
pagbangon, humilata muli
lublob sa pag-iisa
nang mahimasmasan
nagluto kunwari
pinaglutuan at pinagkainan nagkalat
nood ng tfc, pinatay nung wowowee na
crying ladies pinanood din, salamat sa netflix
nagplano ng bakasyon
pero nakakatamad pala
pag wala kang kasamang nagpla-plano

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sunday, April 05, 2009

status quo

gano'n pa rin. tuloy ang ligaya...
deadma lang.
boredom is starting to creep in me again.
the 2-year cycle.
homesickness is killing me.
i don't wanna get used to it.

94 years old. wow! beat my nanang and tatang.

mall. walk. had fun with the kids though. easter bunny... say cheese!

why not mail-order pharmacy?

called angelica. 16. seems like yesterday that we were running around...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cholesterol is high

i went to the doctor yesterday and found out that my cholesterol is high

1 Cor 13:6

took a bold move to ask today
expecting answers in a few days
hope the real score comes at the right time
wish we'll both be ready to hear it
i know i waited on the Lord before doing it
goofing around is no longer healthy
He gave me 1 Cor 13:6 does not rejoice in wrongdoing but rejoices in the truth
we both deserve to know the truth
so we know where we stand
thanks sis for the wisdom
thanks for the prayers

Thursday, March 19, 2009

got into cooking

on monday i cooked "tambo-tambong" (mixed fruits, rice balls in coconut milk).
on wed i did chicken with sotanghon and bittermelon sauted in bagoong. and paella. and strawberry jell-o.
today, i cooked pasta (creamy tuna).
i am thinking of baked tilapia tomorrow.
pork in tomato sauce and liver spread on saturday.
sinigang on sunday.

napaluha ako

nanood ako ng balita kanina sa abs-cbn. tapos nakita ko yung graduation ng mga kindergarten students, tapos naiyak ako nung fineature nila na very simple yung ceremony. napaiyak ako nung sinabing pinag-ipunan ng mga magulang yung pambili ng damit kahit wala silang matinong trabaho, tapos gumamit ng belt yung isa dahil napakaluwag nung pants na pinahiram nung kapitbahay.... basta napaluha ako. masyadong naghihirap ang bansa kong minamahal ngunit nakita ko kung gaano pinapangalagahan ang edukasyon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunday, March 01, 2009


"intayo ag-balut"... that's an inside joke amongst us manongdo cousins.
i miss y'ol mga insan.
hay... intayon ag-balut............................

Friday, February 27, 2009

nag-tang@ ti amok!

basta lang...
1- fax machine
2- order review day
3- psc - 12.99???

apay ngata nga nagbalin nga manager dijay aya? diak ma-awatan?!


di makahalata?
ano ba?
ang hina.
ano hinihintay mo? pasko?
sabi nga nila: 'clueless'!

pag nagkataon, i-untog mo na lang ang sarili mo ng 100 na beses!
huwag mong isumbat na di ako nagparamdam.
magsisisi ka.
aalis na ako.
mangingibang lupalop.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

post-valentine nausea? and random thoughts...

post-valentine nausea?
Vday went like an ordinary day, went to work, got home watched tv/dvd after. no date. very well spent. Oh, spent most of the night texting one of my crazeee friends about nothing.

then the day after i was sick. i don't know but i just was.

feb is almost over again. same old same old. i miss home. i want to go back to that lechon de leche restaurant and have a feast with the people i love.

i think i need to travel and just get out of WA. but where?
wish my siblings could join me.

i still feel nauseous. i just am.

maybe i should make another song. what will i write about?
wish i am inspired again to do another one.

i want to do something different this year. what's next Lord?

still nauseous.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lechon de leche

i was trying to remember the name of the rest which served lechon de leche... my gosh... i miss the food back home!

vid said it was casa armas. i guess it was.

visa denial

jeanelle and jimboie's visa application got denied. sad, but somehow, i am hopeful that God has better plans for them. AMEN!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

ano ang dahilan bakit sya na-offend

di ko maintindihan bakit sya na-offend?
dahil siguro na-realize nyang di nya alam ang ginagawa nya.
e kasi naman sya itong amo, di alam ang ginagawa.
talaga naman.
kesyo hindi raw maganda ang tone ng voice ko.
ano gusto nya, ikanta ko sa kanya ang kelangan nyang gawin?
ako naman e nagmamagandang loob lamang at pinapapaalam ko lang ang dapat nyang malaman... aba, tapos heto ako pa ang masama.
hay yay yay!
hirap talagang maging isang dayuhan...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


after friendsterizing... now it's facebookishing.


by Ed Lapiz

Filipinos are Brown
Their color is in the center of human racial strains. This point is not an attempt at racism, but just for many Filipinos to realize that our color should not be a source of or reason for inferiority complex. While we pine for a fair complexion, the white people are religiously tanning themselves, whenever they could, under the sun or some artificial light, just to approximate the Filipino complexion.

Filipinos are a touching people
We have lots of love and are not afraid to show it. We almost inevitably createhuman chains with our perennial akbay (putting an arm around another shoulder), hawak (hold), yakap (embrace), himas (caressing stroke), kalabit (touch with the tip of the finger), kalong (sitting on someone else's lap), etc. We are always reaching out, always seeking interconnection.

Filipinos are linguists
Put a Filipino in any city, any town around the world. Give him a few months or even weeks and he will speak the local language there. Filipinos are adept at learning and speaking languages. In fact, it is not uncommon for Filipinos to speak at least three: his dialect, Filipino, and English. Of course, a lot speak an added language, be it Chinese, Spanish or, if he works abroad, the language of his host country.
In addition, Tagalog is not 'sexist.' While many "conscious" and "enlightened" people of today are just by now striving to be "politically correct" with their language and, in the process, bend to absurd depths in coining "gender sensitive" words, Tagalog has, since time immemorial, evolved gender-neutral words like asawa (husband or wife), anak (son or daughter), magulang (father or mother), kapatid (brother or sister), biyenan (father-in-law or mother-in-law), manugang (son or daughter-in-law), bayani (hero or heroine), etc. Our languages and dialects are advanced and, indeed, sophisticated! It is no small wonder that Jose Rizal, the quintessential Filipino, spoke some twenty-two languages!

Filipinos are groupists
We love human interaction and company. We always surround ourselves with people and we hover over them, too. According to Dr. Patricia Licuanan, a psychologist from Ateneo, and Miriam College an average Filipino would have and know at least 300 relatives.
At work, we live bayanihan (mutual help); At play, we want a kalaro (playmate) more than laruan (toy). At socials, our invitations are open and it is more common even for guests to invite and bring in other guests. In transit, we do not want to be separated from our group. So what do we do when there is no more space in a vehicle? Kalung-kalong! (Sit on one another). No one would ever suggest splitting a group and waiting for another vehicle with more space!

Filipinos are weavers
One look at our baskets, mats, clothes and other crafts will reveal the skill of the Filipino weaver and his inclination to weaving. This art is a metaphor of the Filipino trait. We are social weavers. We weave theirs into ours that we all become parts of one another. We place a lot of premium on pakikisama (getting along) and pakikipagkapwa (relating). Two of the worst labels, walang pakikipagkapwa (inability to relate), will be avoided by the Filipino at almost any cost.
We love to blend and harmonize with people, we like to include them in our "tribe," in our "family" - and we like to be included in other people's families, too. Therefore we call our friend's mother nanay or mommy; we call a friend's sister ate (eldest sister), and so on. We even call strangers tia (aunt) or tio (uncle), tatang (grandfather), etc.
So extensive is our social openness and interrelations that we have specific title for extended relations like hipag (sister-in-law's spouse), balae (child-in-law's parents), inaanak (godchild), ninong/ ninang (godparents) kinakapatid (godparent's child), etc. In addition, we have the profound 'ka' institution, loosely translated as "equal to the same kind" as in kasama (of the same company), kaisa (of the same cause), kapanalig (of the same belief), etc. In our social fiber, we treat other people as co-equals.
Filipinos, because of their social "weaving" traditions, make for excellent team workers.

Filipinos are adventurists
We have a tradition of separation. Our myths and legends speak of heroes and heroines who almost always get separated from their families and loved ones and are taken by circumstances to far-away lands where they find wealth or power.
Our Spanish colonial history is filled with separations caused by the reduccion (hamleting), and the forced migration to build towns, churches, fortresses or galleons. American occupation enlarged the space of Filipino wandering, including America , and there are documented evidences of Filipino presence in America as far back as 1587.
Now, Filipinos compose the world's largest population of overseas workers, populating and sometimes "threshing" major capitals, minor towns and even remote villages around the world. Filipino adventurism has made us today's citizens of the world, bringing the bagoong (salty shrimp paste). Pansit (sauteed noodles), siopao (meat-filled dough), kare-kare (peanut-flavored dish), dinuguan (innards cooked in pork blood) balut (unhatched duck egg), and adobo (meat vinaigrette), including the tabo (ladle) and tsinelas (slippers) all over the world.
Filipinos are excellent at adjustments and improvisation, managing to recreate their home, or to feel at home anywhere .

Filipinos have Pakiramdam (deep feeling/discernment)
We know how to feel what others feel, sometimes even anticipate what they will feel. Being manhid (dense) is one of the worst labels anyone could get and will therefore, avoid at all cost. We know when a guest is hungry though the insistence on being full is assured. We can tell if people are lovers even if they are miles apart. We know if a person is offended though he may purposely smile. We know because we feel. In our pakikipagkapwa (relating), we get not only to wear another man's shoe but also his heart.
We have a superbly developed and honored gift of discernment, making us excellent leaders, counselors and go-betweens.

Filipinos are very spiritual
We are transcendent. We transcend the physical world, see the unseen and hear the unheard. We have a deep sense of kaba (premonition) and kutob (hunch). A Filipino wife will instinctively feel her husband or child is going astray, whether or not telltale signs present themselves.
Filipino spirituality makes him invoke divine presence or intervention at nearly every bend of his journey Rightly or wrongly, Filipinos are almost always acknowledging, invoking or driving away spirits into and from their lives. Seemingly trivial or even incoherent events can take on spiritual significance and will be given such space or consideration.
The Filipino has a sophisticated, developed pakiramdam . The Filipino, though becoming more and more modern (hence, materialistic) is still very spiritual in essence. This inherent and deep spirituality makes the Filipino, once correctly Christianized, a major exponent of the faith.

Filipinos are timeless
Despite the nearly half-a-millennium encroachment of the western clock into our lives, Filipinos - unless on very formal or official functions - still measure time not with hours and minutes but with feeling. This style is ingrained deep in our psyche. Our time is diffused, not framed. Our appointments are defined by umaga (morning), tanghali ( noon ), hapon (afternoon) or gabi (evening). Our most exact time reference is probably tanghaliang-tapat (high noon), which still allows many minutes of leeway. That is how Filipino trysts and occasions are timed: there is really no definite time.
A Filipino event has no clear-cut beginning nor ending. We have a fiesta , but there is bisperas (eve), A day after the fiesta is still considered a good time to visit. The Filipino Christmas is not confined to December 25th; it somehow begins months before December and extends up to the first days of January.
Filipino say good-bye to guests first at the head of the stairs, then down to the descamo (landing), to the entresuelo (mezzanine), to the pintuan (doorway), to the tarangkahan (gate), and if the departing persons are to take public transportation, up to the bus stop or bus station.
In a way, other people's tardiness and extended stays can really be annoying, but this peculiarity is the same charm of Filipinos who, being governed by timelessness, can show how to find more time to be nice, kind, and accommodating than his prompt and exact brothers elsewhere.

Filipinos are Spaceless
As in the concept of time, the Filipino concept of space is not numerical. We will not usually express expanse of space with miles or kilometers but with feelings in how we say malayo (far) or malapit (near). Alongside with numberlessness, Filipino space is also boundless. Indegenous culture did not divide land into private lots but kept it open for all to partake of its abundance.
The Filipino has avidly remained "spaceless" in many ways. The interior of the bahay-kubo (hut) can easily become receiving room, sleeping room, kitchen, dining room, chapel, wake parlor, etc. Depending on the time of the day or the needs of the moment. The same is true with the bahay na bato (stone house).Space just flows in to the next space that the divisions between the sala , caida , comedor or vilada may only be faintly suggested by overhead arches of filigree
In much the same way, Filipino concept of space can be so diffused that ones party may creep into and actually expropriate the street! A family business like a sari-sari store or talyer may extend to the sidewalk and street. Provincial folks dry palayan (rice grain) on the highways! Religious groups of various persuasions habitually and matter-of-factly commandeer the streets for processions and parades. It is not uncommon to close a street to accommodate private functions, Filipinos eat. sleep , chat, socialize, quarrel, even urinate, nearly everywhere or just anywhere!
"Spacelessness," in the face of modern, especially urban life, can be unlawful and may really be counter-productive. On the other hand, Filipino spacelessness, when viewed from his context, is just another manifestation of his spiritually and communal values. Adapted well to today's context, which may mean unstoppable urbanization, Filipino spacelessness may even be the answer and counter balance to humanity's greed, selfishness and isolation.

So what makes the Filipino special?
We are brown, spiritual, timeless, spaceless, linguists, groupists, weavers, adventurists. Seldom do all these profound qualities find personification in a people. Filipinos should allow - and should be allowed - to contribute their special traits to the world-wide community of men - but first, we should know and like ourselves.

From the Special issue of Light Touch Magazine, vol. 8 number 3, Copyright 2004, Glad Tidings Publication

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

confused. di ko alam. ano nga ba?
Lord, i will wait on you... hayah!

Lord, pls approve Jeanelle and Jimboie's visa. Multiple please. Make it happen Father!

Monday, January 19, 2009

all i need is a clear intention... yun lang!!!

itago natin sya sa initials na ANP

parang nasa high school pag nagsama kami ni ANP.
walang kaseryosohan, zero.
puch#^@ susunggaban na kita e!
nakakabad-trip na, gina-gag%!^* mo lang ata ako e.
ang tang$@+ ko naman kasi e...
pero mas tang$@+ ka
naiinis ako
may gusto ka ba o ano?
sh3*&!T... di rin kasi ako marunong
ang tagal, ang tagal, may mahihintay ba???
demmet, basta lang...

ang bigat na, bumibigat na....
malapit na akong sumabog....