Saturday, May 23, 2009


TUKMOL ---- a filipino word for stupid or dumb as*

i am working on a pill.

indication: tukmolism, clue-for-the-clueless syndrome

mode of action: mainly affects central nervous system to realize what one is missing. secondary action, triggers neurons to make sure that the tail is cut off before making any move. other action, stimulates perception and makes one say duh-howcome-i-was-such-an-idiot-all-these-time

pharmacokinetics: oral--- reaches peak concentration on sundays. half-life, 7 days

dosing: 0.25mg po q w (1 tablet once a week). dosage form: tablet

adverse effects: wakefulness, euphoria, may cause palpitations and increased heart rate

animal studies: 81.76486% of the rats showed they can do better without their tails especially when the cats are around.

it is still an investigational drug. i don't have a name for the drug yet. any suggestions?

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