Sunday, August 09, 2009

only by angelica

... it's amber time. that's 11:00pm
... i was not interested in playing the piano, i was forced
... is that your crush auntie?
... yeah, i got the last 2 slices of baked mac!
... bye. my auntie loves you
... i asked--- oregon or leavenworth? she chose oregon. we ended up going to leavenworth
... do i really have to play on sunday auntie?
... we were jamming and she does not know the song. she just said... "diak ammon." (wow, that was hard-core ilokano!)
... talaga?
... it's ok auntie. (but i have to ask if it's ok yes, or it's ok no)
... the moves auntie, the moves... ahh, my auntie s***s
... you have to be assertive auntie
... this blankie is so comfy
... talking to ate sheila's kids --- it's ok that you sleep over as long as i sleep on my bed (referring to my aerobed)
... 5 feet, 2 feet, 10 feet. and giggles
... her firsts- tennis, pool, ukelele (jelka, did i miss anything?)
... wow, we were out of the house for >15 hours! i have not been out of the house that long.

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